Thursday 5 December 2019

The Wonder That Is Steve

Good guys in the betting space are few and far between, but one who has been around for many years, and who will hopefully be around for many more years, is Steve ( @Day25 ) whose Daily25 blog has been around for almost as long as this one. 

Steve is a man of his word, and I well remember the thrill of waking up on Xmas morning 2012 and finding a gift hamper by the tree, his way of thanking me for some Draw selections:

Not one to say something and not follow through, here is a gift page created for the master of the draws, Cassini.
And now Steve's generosity continues with using $4,500 in bonus bets from Aussie bookmaker Top Sport who, and credit where it is due, "is the only Australian bookmaker to actually take a decent bet and usually have Pinnacle like prices" for bets to benefit charity.

Last night, the following tweet popped up in my notifications:
Joseph Buchdahl, or one-two to his friends, is also one of the good guys out there, and the chances of three decent people being lumped together in one tweet must be far greater than the 5/1 mentioned. Odds at this level or longer are generally not my thing, but given our history together with the Draw, my initial response was:
There were only two problems with my selections.

The first was that Top Sport's price on the Tottenham v Burnley Draw was only 4.9, although in my defence I looked at Betfair where 5.0 is available, completing ignoring the fact that with commission taken into account, the price would be less.

The second problem was that Steve wants bets that will be settled before Xmas, and as bad as Brighton are, even I don't think they will be confirmed as relegated before Xmas! 

We go again, and with the option of an accumulator, will now select the following bets on the NFL this weekend:

$50 double on Miami Dolphins / San Francisco 49ers 
$50 treble on Indianapolis Colts / Carolina Panthers / Kansas City Chiefs  

Meanwhile it was a perfect night for the NBA systems last night, with the three Totals games going Over and the Brooklyn Nets winning by 12, when 4 would have been enough. 

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