Thursday, 12 March 2020

NBA - No Basketball Action

And just like that, the NBA season is suspended after the Utah Jazz's All-Star center Rudy Golbert tested positive for COVID-19, now officially a pandemic. There is still time for the league to finish an albeit shortened season should circumstances permit, but for now at least, there is no more NBA. Test results on other Jazz players will be announced later today, but there is also the possible infection of players on the teams the Jazz have played in the past couple of weeks. 

I suspect that the NCAA's March Madness may also become a victim and be cancelled along with several Conference Tournaments but for now the post-season tournaments are almost all still scheduled to go ahead, but with no fans allowed.

The case for playing on wasn't helped by the irresponsible and incredibly stupid decision by Nebraska coach Fred Hoiberg last night. Despite being visibly ill, he insisted on coaching in the Big Ten Tournament game v Indiana in close contact with players and other coaches. They lost by 25 points (Nebraska finished bottom of the Big Ten so he's probably worried about losing his job) and a trip to the hospital confirmed he only had a common cold, but crazy to ignore the advice to stay home if you're not feeling well. 

As an example of my level of responsibility, I was in the pub at the weekend, someone coughed, and we all decided it was necessary to self-isolate. My wife isn't too happy about not seeing me for two weeks, but I'm trying to act responsibly. 

If this is the end of the regular season, at least the Road Favourites System ended nicely in profit again after a disappointing 2018 season.

As for the Overs, backing this outcome when the total was at or above 229 points as recommended in October will end the season nicely in profit:
It seems likely that the NHL will follow suit, and possibly the MLB season will open with crowds limited in size. Data for matches played in closed stadia is pretty much non-existent, but as I've written before, changes in circumstances can offer opportunities to bettors able to think how the change might affect outcomes.

We are living through strange times. On the subject of leagues being suspended, the proposal that the Premier League be cancelled immediately and awarded to the team with the current best form over the last three matches meets with my full approval, although one has to feel a little sympathy for Liverpool who now have to wait at least another year for their first Premier League title. 

Admittedly the proposal was made by a Crystal Palace supporting Twitter account with about 12 followers, but I'm good with it personally.

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