Tuesday 8 February 2022

Déjà Vu as Draws Rule Again

With a perfect draw in the Final closing out the Africa Cup of Nations tournament, it's another winning competition for the Knockout Draw strategy, not only for the 'no odds-on' system but also for the basic every game system. 

As I mentioned at the start of the year, the small amount of time required to place 15 bets proved to be well worth it:
The result from backing the Draw in all 15 knockout games was +2.69 units, while from the more evenly matched subset, the 7 games generated +7.39 units of profit.
With results from the eighth tournament now included, the ROIs increase to 12% and 30% respectively for Africa. 

Even the Third Place Play-off game got into the act, although these aren't included and 3:3 results aren't what we are looking for anyway. 
For Burkina Faso it was a case of déjà vu. Those of us of a certain age, as well as knowing Burkina Faso as Upper Volta, may recall the third place play off in 1998 when they lost on penalties to the (not very) Democratic Republic of the Congo despite taking a 4:1 lead in the 86th minute. 

Twenty four years on, and they suffered a similar fate holding a 3:0 lead into the 71st minute, and were still looking good at 3:1 after 84 minutes. Hosts Cameroon then scored twice in the last six minutes before winning on penalties.

Unfortunately that is it for International competitions until the World Cup but it was pleasing to hear from some of you that you've been playing this system and making money. 

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