Sunday, 8 March 2009

Are You 1 in 10? 3 in 20? Me Neither

I'm a little depressed. I thought paying the Premium Charge on a regular basis (although not last week, thanks to some clever, and some not so clever, shenanigans) meant I was in the top 0.3% on Betfair. It seems I am nowhere close.

This excerpt is from the Guardian's coverage of the 2007 Kieren Fallon trial. David O'Reilly is Betfair's barrister:

"[Miles] Rodgers had nonetheless made a net profit of over £180,000 from all his activity on Betfair over the indictment period December 2002 to September 2004, the court heard, and Kelson wanted to know how many Betfair account-holders would be able to say the same."

"Probably 10-15%," said O'Reilly. "It's not a number we need to have control of. We take our commission, whoever wins and loses."

£180,000 in 21 months? From reading the Betfair Forum, I assumed EVERYONE made at least that and more. But ONLY 10-15% REALLY make that? Of course, back in the pre-Premium Charge days, it was a lot easier!

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