Monday, 30 March 2009

Mea Culpa

A rather disappointing weekend, all things considered. No decent football this weekend with internationals going on. FC Dallas were defeated at home (again). The Lakers put in one of their worst performances of the season, and cost me a fair sum. Cambridge lost the Boat Race, but that didn't cost me a penny because I didn't bet on the race.

About the only good news was that Tiger Woods won the PGA golf (Arnold Palmer Invitational) after starting the final round 5 shots back and that made me a little money. Also made some on Jenson Button winning the Australian Grand Prix, but not enough to stop this being my first 'losing on both days' weekend since last June. Not a run that I wanted to see end.

It didn't help that I made two mental errors yesterday. The first was when I went to lay the draw at half-time in the Weymouth v Barrow game, and managed to lay Barrow by mistake. Fortunately I was able to back them back without loss, and then the lay of the draw ultimately paid dividends. (Laying the draw at half-time in certain games can be profitable. Most goals are scored in the second half of games, and in this game it seemed to be just a matter of time before one went in).

The second error was laying the Atlanta Hawks at 1.08 for several thousand when I was doing a 'what if', and instead of clearing the bet, I absent-mindedly submitted it. Alzheimer's, here we come. Fortunately, whoever I was matched with must have thought I knew something that I didn't because all the money was then offered as a back at just two ticks lower, so a costly mistake but one that could have been a lot worse. The worst part of it was that I had no one to blame but myself and a lapse in concentration.
An occasional cock-up is acceptable so long as you can blame the kids or girlfriend or phone ringing or anything but yourself really, but two in one day, and no one to blame? Not good. I'll blame it on the clocks changing!

Still, up overall on the week, and this is looking to be my best March since records began, and at least the weekend's losses will mitigate the Premium Charge on Wednesday.

I'm on Cambridge (1.86) tonight. If they can't win the Boat Race, at least they should be able to beat Woking.

Update: Cambridge won 1-0!

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