Friday, 20 March 2009

Weekend Football - Spring Opening Day Collection

The challenge to find football value continues this weekend. Here are some of my thoughts.

Portsmouth v Everton: Everton are rated at 1649, Portsmouth at 770, and the respective current form of the two teams favours Everton also. Back Everton at 2.76.

Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea: This game is between the top two in-form teams, and while Chelsea are rated higher, they are away, and I expect the London derby to be tight. Lay Spurs at 4.7.

West Bromwich Albion v Bolton Wanderers: These two teams have the lowest ratings in the Premier League, but on current form, Bolton should be too strong. Back Bolton at 3.2.

Other selections: Wolves at 2.28, Leeds United at 2.16, Millwall at 2.64, Leyton Orient at 2.22, Stockport at 3.2, Tranmere at 3.75, Milton Keynes Dons at 1.92, Exeter City at 2.6, Bournemouth at 1.8, Gillingham at 2.28, Forest Green Rovers at 3.45, Torquay United at 1.57, St Mirren at 3.2 and Motherwell at 2.64.

I shall also be laying the opposition in the above games.


Talkbet said...

Always enjoy reading your predictions, how were they today ? Just flicked throughb the results some good price winners in there but plenty of losers. I had a tough day, 2 out of 7 right! Tough time of year though, results always go awry so I'm just going through the motions with the stats really. Great result for us today (Pompey) :o)

Cassini said...

Down 6.76% to level stakes, but a few nice aways in there. If I ditch the Premier League, Scotland and focus on aways, maybe I can make some money. Once again I seem to do better in the lower leagues. Pompey should stay up. You have some easy looking games left. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

321-on said...

Hi mate, unlucky with some of the bets today. I run a small time blog at can I have a link, you seem to be doing very well! One day I keep dreaming, so will I!!!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately us Mighty Blues let you down today Cassini. My friends selections today were at first glance very poor: Everton, Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, Peterborough, Millwall, Scunthorpe and MK dons. Which to level stakes of £100 produced a £19 profit after commission so at least it wasn't a losing day.


Cassini said...

321-on is on.

Curly - yes indeed, Chelsea let me down today... I was pleased with some of my lower league picks though, especially Millwall, Tranmere and Forest Green (who came from 0-2 to win 5-2!)I may just have to focus on Leagues One and Two. It's a funny old game, that's for sure.