Monday, 23 March 2009

Football Failure

Football betting really just isn’t for me.

Having layed Dagenham and Redbridge at 2.88 yesterday and greened-up for a nice little risk free profit at 3.0 earlier today, what happens?

Match postponed due to floodlight failure. Typical.

What odds that the lights would fail at both Dagenham AND Redbridge?


PhilipH said...

Unbelievable, but it does happen. I think I can recall a few delays at evening race meetings where the darn lights were U/S, or some of them anyway.

Would you mind disclosing your actual bets Cass? I am just a curious and still learning wannabe trader. A very hit and miss type!


Cassini said...

This bet was originally intended as a straight punt and not for trading. My investment on this game was a lay of Dagenham and Redbridge at 2.88 (£199.66 to win £106.20 if you want the exact stakes) but I greened up in the afternoon when I saw the price had drifted to 3.0. Only for a few quid profit, but I'm really not a gambler...