Sunday, 15 March 2009

Bloggers Old And New

So the hens of recklessness finally came home to roost for young Alex. After a series of all-ins, and a close shave on the England – West Indies test match this week, he failed to heed the words of warning of a few people and again went all-in yesterday– this time betting that Liverpool would not win both halves of the game at Manchester United at odds of 1.05/1.06. A 44th minute Steven Gerrard penalty gave Liverpool the 2-1 first half win, and they added two more without reply in the second half to complete the upset.

Alex had the goal of turning a £100 starting bank into £100,000. An achievable goal, but not in the time-frame he was shooting for, which was just 367 days. A pity, his was one of the more interesting blogs out there, speaking of which, sadly Mark Iverson has decided to call it quits with his blog. I wish both of these gentlemen well for the future.

It would be good to have an occasional update from Mark, and if Alex can get away from thinking of 2% a day as being “… painfully slow progress and I simply don’t have the mindset to increase my bank so slowly from the outset” perhaps another similar, but more realistic, challenge and blog can be started.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Alex's "disdain" for risk has cost him. Even with plenty of apparent advice from others against going all-in on any bet, he thought it "boring" to do anything else. Fair enough, but that bordem has meant his challenged has failed. Up to him to decide if the success of the challenge or boredom attached is worth more.

Id second the sentiment that its sad to see Mark Iverson wind up his blog, even if its understandable given his explanation.

Good luck to both regardless.


(Whats with the Bryan Adams pic by the way?! :) )

Cassini said...

The link is the album name, which is "Reckless" - you're making me feel old! Good album by the way.

Anonymous said...

so you think the £100 to £100,000 is possible? i might have a go at similar?

What sort of % do you suggest and sre the type of bets alex was doing the right area/approach?

interesting to hear your thoughts mate.


Anonymous said...

"Alex had the goal of turning a £100 starting bank into £100,000. An achievable goal"

The problem was that whilst he started risking a portion of his bank, at around the £300 mark he started using 100% of his money on high percentage bets. He just found out that a 1/20 shot does occasionally lose (assumedly once every 21 times).


Anonymous said...

It's possible, you need to place around 74 winning bets in a row at odds of 1.10 to pull it off, that's taking away your 5% commission.

afropunk said...

Possbile yes but plausable, no way! I think he did bloody well to get as far as her did to be honest. He seemed to know a thing or two about the Sports which helped him push it further than most.