Thursday, 5 March 2015

FTL Update 4.Mar

The midweek action was good for Bounty Boy Football Elite who shot up five places on the back of a 7.00 point profit.

Not so good for the other Bounty Boy in action, The Football Analyst Graeme, (aka the self-proclaimed Barcelona of the FTL I might remind him) whose draws lost another 3.63 points dropping him another place. extended his lead at the top with a gain of 3.79 points thanks to Wigan Athletic's win at Norwich City. Skeeve and Football Investor kept their powder dry for this round, and the Bounty Boy combined portfolio is now down by just 0.46 points after 919 bets.

@ValueBankFooty was next best picking up 6.45 points, and moving ahead of Sjosta who lost 4.57 points. Also up five places in a congested middle of the pack (14 entries are up or down by less than 10 points) was Online Trader making up 4.27 points and moving into the green.

TFA_Raz was the big loser with his loss of 6.09 points just beating the 6.03 points lost by Rubicon.  The entries with changes either in points or places this midweek are shown below. Losses on the round moved the total losses to -105.15 points.


Betslayer said...

Please do another post on Jonny Grossman he is a massive inspiration (if that means tool). When a team has played with 4 players called Henry and a goal went in off someones backside, 100% home wins, back at anything over 1.01.

His new 'strategy' of looking at individual teams and their performance in unrelated games after a goal in a time zone is laughable....not account taken of team strength, league averages or any other betting sense.

In my opinion is is on the pathway to the looney bin.

Betslayer said...

Could have done with a proof read that :)