Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Starting XI Green All Over

A quiet weekend in the FTL with the top leagues idle, but it was a memorable round as today's post has a very appropriate 'green all over' look about it. Every one of the eleven active entries made a profit, with the total profit of 49.24 in large part owed to Crewe Alexandra's 90th minute winner at Sheffield United in League One on Saturday, a game Crewe were priced at 10.26 to win.

Not surprisingly, that one result alone made a big difference to the FTL table, and sees the March monthly prize currently heading to Mortimer (currently up 21.80 points this month) who may well become the first contestant to win two monthly prizes having previously been January's winner.

BettingTools.co.uk reclaimed first place with a small profit of 1.47 points, and flying out of the red up ten places into fifth was Mortimer who made 13.99 points.

Slightly less spectacular was TFA_Raz's climb up six places after making 9.89 points on the round and he also moves out of the red.

Fairfranco stayed in 10th place making 2.79 points and Bounty Boy Football Elite also emerged from the red zone with 7.39 points moving him up five places into 13th place. The 14 entries in positive territory are:

Still in the red, but moving up three places, was fellow Bounty Boy Skeeve who made 2.53 points.

Drawmaster continued a good recent run picking up 2.81 points, and @ValueBankFooty made 2.22 points.

Bounty Boy TFA Draws made 4.35 and moved up three places, while Football Investor was idle. Mountain Mouse picked up 1.61 points while Sjosta made 0.19 points.

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