Wednesday, 1 April 2015

FTL Revision

With the March competition now at an end, it is Mortimer who takes his second monthly prize in three months. It will be added to January and Marty is in good shape to do rather nicely at the end of the season.

He’d be in even better shape if Randolph hadn’t been so idle – I’d almost forgotten the rule that entrants must be active at least once every month to be eligible for a prize. 

There are others who will be impacted by this rule (Abromo, Betcast, Daily 25 and Ian Erskine) although the only one with significant ‘winnings’ lost is Randolph, and to a lesser extent Betcast.

For reference, the first inactive months for each disqualified entry were:

Abromo - February
Randolph - December
Betcast - December
Daily25 - December
Ian Erskine - December

Skeeve had a special exemption as a Bounty Boy with a declared intention to focus on the second half of the season.

Unfortunately Ian Erskine's ejection means that his generous donation of £400 will not be awarded in the form of prizes after all. I have decided that unless there are strenuous objections, I shall consider this money an operational expense or fee for the time I have spent on this project.

So the top of the adjusted table now looks like this:
The rules are available here for anyone not recalling the precise wording. 

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Marty said...

Excellent work... hook, line and sinker