Thursday, 16 April 2015

FTL Update 15.April

A fairly quiet midweek, but the losses took the overall season total below the -200 point level. This total does include the weekend results from Football Investor and TFA Draws which were included belatedly after Graeme had forwarded them on. Why they both were lost is a mystery for now, but as services with clients I have no doubt as to the veracity of the selections.

So to midweek, and most of the action was in the bottom half of the table. The big losers contributing to a loss on the round of 2.94 points were Sjosta who lost 11.00 points, @ValueBankFooty who lost 8.50 points and TFA_Raz who lost 7.00 points.

Those three are having a bad month:
Other losers were Drawmaster (-2.63) and Talkies Tips (-2.92) who included his favourite team along with some words of advice:
 Portsmouth (No really, stop laughing)
They lost unfortunately, and while it is funny watching someone fall over, it's not quite so funny when they fall into the path of a train, lose both legs, and are on life-support in a financially induced coma with barely a pulse. There's always next season, although Talky will probably be watching Premier League football at local rivals AFC Bournemouth by then. I have fond memories of trips to Dean Court, although since the last one involved the police and subsequent (mistaken identity I might add) ejections and arrests, I shall say no more.
Why Portsmouth are absent that list, I've no idea.

At the top end of the table, there were no changes in position as dropped 0.63 points and Mortimer 0.91 points. BettingTools was on the wrong end of Burton Albion's 99th minute equaliser v Carlisle United.

Midweek rounds are statistically proven ;) to be tougher than weekend, and conclusive proof was provided by the fact that only two entries were profitable - Mountain Mouse added 2.22 points and keeping with the 2s moved up 2 places, while TFA Draws made 1.43 points but remains in 21st place.

The table in full is:
At -78.85, this month is already the worst of the season, and we're only half-way through.

August thru December +48.98; January on -259.85

Statistical proof ;) that it is easier to beat the market in the first half of the season than the second, although Skeeve would probably disagree!

The April/May monthly leaders (i.e. the handful in profit) includes thee of the Bounty Boys:

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