Tuesday, 28 April 2015


With a full round of La Liga matches in midweek, and a few more in the EPL, Serie A and Ligue 1, my focus has been on updating the spreadsheet and getting the selections sent out rather than a full write up on the FTL.

I'll do that tomorrow, but one amazing coincidence happened which I shall now bore you with. Having mistakenly thought that Randolph was a no-show for the final, (Randolph and Mortimer have the same owner), Randolph in fact had 8 entries, with Gecko sending in 23. It looked pretty close as the results came in, but when the official numbers were added up, Randolph and Gecko had both made a profit of exactly 2.13 points. Quite incredible. They replay next weekend.

Here are the entries in profit, with a write-up tomorrow:
I also made an error in judgement by publishing a comment (now removed) without reading it carefully. Lazy Trader wrote:
Please take down Jeremie's advert, enough people get scammed without you giving them a leg up
The comment in question was from a Jeremie Outmezguine who said...
Courtsiding is a big advantage for scalping. I do it from time to time at tennis. You can offer lay bets and cancel them when the point or the service is not going in your way. You don't need real value to be successful.
I manage wallets for customers. If somebody is interested, he/she can contact me at xxxxxxxx@gmail.com. I also have a facebook side.
P.S. Nice blog!
I'm not even sure what a "wallet manager" does, but a quick search reveals that this French tennis trader has been posting similar comments a lot in recent days. e.g.
I am a betfair trader from Paris. Mainly I work on tennis and horse markets. I manage some wallets for customers. If you are interested you can contact me at xxxxxxxxx@gmail.com.
Regards, Jerry
Be warned - not that any readers would be stupid enough to investigate I'm sure. The dead give-away is the suggestion that:
You don't need real value to be successful...
If anyone has any more information on this character, let me know.  

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Marty said...

"You don't need real value to be successful..."

I think he is using 'real value' to mean EV if the bet is left to run to settlement. Fast pic players can be in and out so fast that this definition of EV is irrelevant (though of course there is an alternative time frame in which they need to be capturing value to be successful).