Wednesday, 29 April 2015

FTL Update 28.April

Better late than never, but here is the weekend FTL wrap-up starting with the overall loss of 18.67 points taking the grand total to 228.66 points. The big winner of the round was Draw Picks who moved into profit making 8.56 points. Next best was who moved back up into second place after gaining 6.70 points. Mountain Mouse reduced his losses by 3.18 points, and as I mentioned yesterday, the two Erskine Cup Finalists Gecko and Randolph tied with both making 2.13 points. Gecko continues to lead the table by a comfortable 25 points.

The entries in negative territory are:

The big loser this round was Talkies Tips, who lost 9.74 points despite his best efforts:
As usual I've spent the whole week crunching various stats and numbers, examined the in play analysis of the history of all teams involved going back 80 years, looked at the players weaknesses and strengths based on biological family history dating back to the 18th century and have come up with the following sure fire 100% nailed on picks for the weekend.
I was suitably impressed, until he cleared things up with:
Actually, I've just spent 5 mins scanning through the various odds, not that you could have guessed :)
We guessed. Next biggest loser was Sjosta, who dropped another 6.82 points, and in fact none of the bottom third made a profit. TFA Euro Draws lost 4.95 points, TFA_Raz lost 4.74 points and Rubicon 4.31 points.

April/May is the worst month overall so far, with losses totalling 96.64 points. It was mentioned on Twitter by TFA's Graeme that:
The weekend Graeme highlights marked a turning point for FTL entries overall. Going in to the weekend, the net profit was at the all-time high of 64.28 points. As mentioned above, the total net loss is now 228.66 points, quite a loss in just three months and a bit, and not everyone is following Graeme's selections.

The Bounty Boys portfolio along with their liabilities now looks like this:
With a few matches this midweek, I'll have another update before the weekend.

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