Friday, 10 April 2015

FTL Update 9.April

The Easter round is complete after the midweek round of La Liga matches is over, and the next one begins tonight. Another 18.06 points lost overall, with no changes at the top, although once again things have tightened up a little.'s lead is now just 1.10 points after he dropped 3.59 points.

The big winners were FA_Raz (up 4.45 points and five places) and Football Investor, who made 2.26 points but also climbed five places and as a Bounty Boy (BB), each position counts.

XX Unders made 2.20 points from the Big Five midweek games and moved up one place into sixth place while smaller profits (i.e. less than one point) were made by Mortimer, Skeeve (BB) and XX Draws.

The big losers were @ValueBankFooty who lost 7.00 points, Drawmaster who lost 6.00 points (and four places) and Sjosta who lost 5.00 points.

TFA Draws (BB) loss of 3.13 points meant a four place drop, while Talkies Tips lost 3.12 points.

Football Elite (BB) lost 2.00 points and two places while Mountain Mouse lost 1.00 point.

OverGoalify had a couple of winners, but they were both late unfortunately. A reminder that to be fair to everyone, entries need to be in on time.

There are still 16 entries in profit, and they are:

The 17 in deficit are:
The Totals and Portfolio Totals are:
The Draw Portfolio continues to decline with only one of the five showing a profit currently, and the Bounty Boys likewise have just one member in profit.
Early days for the April / May final monthly prize, but the entries in profit to date are:
The Final of the Erskine Cup is just two weeks away with third placed Randolph competing against second placed Gecko for the £150 prize.
As for the FTL, the season is rapidly nearing its end. In Europe's Big Five there are just 63 games remaining in the Bundesliga, 70 in the EPL and Ligue 1, 80 in La Liga and 91 in Serie A.

In England, the Championship has 62 games remaining, League One 66, League Two 61 and the Conference just 41.

As of today, the win percentage for Home teams in these nine leagues is at a 10 year low (43.2%), while that for Away teams is at a 10 year high (31%).

In an article I wrote for Betting Expert almost a year ago, I wrote:
Last season’s [2013-14] low draw percentage of 20.5% is unlikely to be matched again, and the expectation is that the draws will fall somewhere close to 25.5% [97 draws]
With 70 matches remaining, the Draws percentage is currently sitting at 25.48% with 79 draws from 310 matches. I might actually get one prediction close to right.

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