Sunday, 5 April 2015

Positivity And The Google Bot

I drew the attention of the always positive Ian Erskine to my last post, and he had this to say:

Firstly apologies re FTL, it was just a time issue with me for the bets on a Friday and then got out out of the routine as was busy elsewhere, be honest hadn't ready GAO for a good couple of months. Certainly wasn’t aimed at XX I know you use it for smaller ROI and to offset PC. I had two websites (I think the same owner) sending me bets daily on the draw asking FTS to promote none of which made any sense and of course lost heavily so it was a barbed dig at them.
Hope you're well and good to see Palace strong second half of the season!
The FTL was kick-started by Ian's generous £400 donation so I think we can excuse his failure to complete the season. I've had a rethink on the deadline for Football League / Conference FTL entries for the Bank Holiday Monday and decided to allow them up to kick-off. I'm not sure when the prices are going to be recorded anyway, and it gives people a little more time to process the results and data from Friday and Saturday's matches.

As for his Palace comments, not so fast please. I well remember Crystal Palace completing a lap of honour to celebrate Premier League survival in 1993 after beating Ipswich Town 3:1 on 1st May. That put Palace on 48 points, 8 clear of Oldham Athletic who had three games left.

Unfortunately Palace picked up just on point from their two remaining games, while Oldham somehow managed to win all three of theirs, sending Palace down on goal difference!

Palace do have a good chance of staying up, but they still have games against the Manchester teams as well as Chelsea and when you have followed Palace for as long as I have, you never take anything for granted.

A lot has changed in 22 years - fully half of the Premier League that season are no longer members, and five of the top seven teams were Aston Villa, Norwich City, Blackburn Rovers, Queens Park Rangers and Sheffield Wednesday. Ian's Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea were 8th thru 11th respectively.
It's very concerning that Ian hadn't read GAO for a 'good couple of months'. Some people check back several times a day, so whatever it is that Ian finds more fascinating than this blog, I think we should be told!

Seriously, I know Ian is busy planning some changes for his service which you can read about here.

On the subject of multiple visits, Marty wrote:
I suspect Denmark has google now installed so it keeps polling your site to see if it has changed.
There is actually a Google bot that does stop by occasionally:

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