Saturday, 4 April 2015

FTL Holiday Schedule

With the Bank Holiday schedule messing up the usual routine this weekend, I'm not sure when Joseph will be updating the prices.

With several games on Monday, and the same teams playing on Saturday, I'll allow any Football League and Conference selections up to kick-off time on Monday*. Note that the Crystal Palace v Manchester City game isn't included and nor are any overseas games including Espanyol v Elche. Selections on those will still need to be in by tonight (Friday) at midnight, i.e. now - or at least in the next couple of hours.

Heathen Gecko was caught out by the early Good Friday kick-offs, and submitted a handful of bets after kick-off, but their exclusion may actually have helped him.

There was a distinct lack of interest in tweaking the formula for settling Lay bets, with the only vote going towards maintaining the current formula, so the Rules will remain unchanged.

* Initially I said by midnight on Sunday, but because this schedule is a little tight for some, and I'm not sure when the prices will be recorded anyway, I have changed this.

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