Friday, 14 February 2014


The midweek games in (mostly) England resulted in some changes in the FTL standings, so a quick update is in order before the weekend changes everything again.

The number of entries 'in profit' rose by two to seven, with Jamie and the XX Draws climbing back into the green.

Hofs Hackers title hops took a knock as they has six losers and one winner, and the race for the prize money tightens up again. Less than seven points separates first and fourth prizes. Skeeve managed to move up without making a selection, while the XX Draws moved up three places.

The small loss group is now topped by the XX Draws (Under) selections which along with their big brother, moved up three places, and the big loser was Fairfranco who had eight selections, all of which lost, and drops five places. After three empty weeks, Pete Nordsted's Drawmaster found two winners from four selections, and moves up one spot.
The Football Analyst lost another 3.12 points but Graeme's bounty liability remains at £225, which brings us to the big losers in the table.
The only changes are Rubicon's climb of three places following a 4.47 profit in midweek, and Premier Betting's Official Account Bets having another losing round and dropping to 21st of 22 with just Punter's Friend Neil keeping Peter from the wooden spoon. I suspect we won't be seeing Premier Betting's name in the Secret Betting Club's 2014 Tipster & Betting Awards Report.
Pete also includes John Walsh's NFL Selections in his service, and I don't think I have updated the final end of season total on these since the most tedious Superbowl in history.
Two more losses on that game just about summed up John's season, which is obviously one he will want to forget. As I mentioned previously, on the Moneyline, John was slightly ahead on the season, but big losses on Totals (-16.65) and Handicaps (-18.21) did the damage. The NHL selections are still going well though, but are on their Winter Olympics mid-season break right now.

Pete also follows the US Baseball, and it's hard to believe that the new season is only a few days away. Pre-season starts on Tuesday February 25th, with the Regular season starting at the end of March (Sunday 30th) in San Diego where the Padres will host the Los Angeles Dodgers. Incidentally, for any Hull Tigers fans unhappy about the proposed name change, it could be worse. The MLB pre-season includes games against teams with names like Pensacola Blue Wahoos and Montgomery Biscuits.


Anonymous said...

Best Football Tipster for 2013 is...............
The Football Analyst.

The stats don't lie

Graeme Dand said...

Not sure if this is some anonymous poster or my friend Neil but I wouldn't have published this anonymous comment Cassini. Some people clearly have it in for me at the moment!