Sunday, 16 February 2014

Empty Garden (Hey Hey Jonny)

A couple of comments on my response to JG's attack yesterday.

Ian Erskine was supportive and his comment was appreciated:

I was up at the time and having not been on Twitter for ages went on to check it out and could not actually believe what I was seeing. My thoughts echo yours exactly.
And Jay was also sympathetic:
You are not the only person to have a run in with Jonny recently -
Incidentally, I deleted him from my twitter because his posts were very much akin to spam, way too many!

I removed him from my twitter feed as the number of tweets from him were incessant, most of them a vendetta against opta stats which got boring quickly!
Incessant and way too many indeed. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, Jonny's statement that he would remove himself from Twitter has failed to last more than a few minutes. What a sad life.
But there's always one who misses the point, and strange how they are always Anonymous:
I thought your blog was about betting ? This is more like hunter and the hunted. Not really appropriate in my eyes to discuss people on a public forum who I assume you have little knowledge of .

In truth it reflects badly on the writer of the blog more then the accused . Most people accused of a crime have the benefit of a judge and jury .

You seem to enjoy mixing it up . Do you enjoy it ?
Apparently Anonymous is also a little challenged upstairs, and failed to grasp what was going on yesterday.

Who exactly was the hunter, and who was the hunted? And what the heck is Twitter if it isn't a public forum? It's almost as if the comment is intended for Jonny. Or written by him! Absolutely clueless.

If the writer thinks I am supposed to sit back and allow some trolling idiot who has little to no knowledge of me, make baseless accusations on a public forum, and stretch one link into a conspiracy worthy of a Dan Brown novel, all go unchallenged, then I'm afraid he has much to learn about me. How defending myself from abuse, that I did not initiate, reflects badly on me is baffling. The 'crime' I was accused of was that of posting a link to one post, the author of which is someone with whom Jonny has a problem. Apparently Jonny has a lot of problems, and with a lot of people. See the common denominator here? I don't think Anonymous knows what the term "In truth" means.

Do I enjoy mixing it up? If he'd read the post, or followed the barrage on Twitter, Anonymous would know it wasn't me who was mixing it up, but I certainly have no problem defending myself from trolls, and it's always nice for the next post to almost write itself.

The blog is about betting, and as stated in the heading, related items of interest". 

I think a clown making baseless accusations about me on a public forum counts as an item of interest. 

I've had this blog for nearly six years now, so I've seen a lot, and as any regular reader can tell you, I can stand up for myself when attacked unfairly. I've linked to probably hundreds of posts and articles, and this is the first time someone has leaped to the illogical conclusion that I am thus in some conspiracy with the link author.

I guess there's some pleasure in standing up for yourself, but it's sad that some people lack the intelligence to moderate themselves and launch unfounded public attacks in the first place. Sad that people comment on a post without understanding the subject matter too, come to think of it. "Not really appropriate" indeed. 


Anonymous said...

I think your assumptions of Johnny being single is probably a long odds on shot especially if the spectacled Jimmy Saville lookalike on his feed are him.

I think you'll find Jimmy is a more of a pain than your usual trolls though as he has plenty of time on his hands and does like to make a nuisance of himself. Good luck I think you may need it this time :)

Anonymous said...

I think in most sections of society these personal insults would be deemed bullying......I'm honestly disappointed in this blog for lowering itself to social media bullying. Ignore is the best option for trolls, if they are indeed trolls, if they are something else, well still ignore.

Anonymous said...

Jonny, please let it go.

Peter said...

Whilst it's obvious some of the comments are a joke albeit a childish one, Johnny does have a point about the bullying. It's a bit out of order to accuse Johnny of trolling or stalking when you use the anonymous comments, which you moderate and therefore need to take some responsibility for what's published, to belittle or attack him.

Better to delete some comments and let this little saga die it's natural death.

Alan said...

In the words of Alan Partridge "He's a mentalist"

Neil said...

I am not buying into this bullying rubbish.

Jonny has a history of huge confrontations via social Media and various forums, if he is challenged in anyway about his methods or what he writes it usually results in him throwing his toys out of the pram and accusing the person questioning of "attacking him".

This also usually leads to him threatening legal action much to the amusement of the people he is in confrontation with. Sending Tweets to the Met Police telling them that somebody is about to publish an e mail that he has sent to them is beyond stupid.

Cassini has IMHO done nothing wrong here other than expose Johnny for what he is - A Troll.

I have just read Jonny's response on his blog and to say it is distorted would be the understatement of the year.

If Jonny doesn't like people looking at his stuff either on his Timeline or on his blog and making comments and or asking probing questions here is a suggestion for him - don't write anything :-)