Thursday, 31 July 2014

2014-15 Fixtures Spreadie Ready

More than four thousand (4,034 to be precise) fixtures from the coming 2014-15 season are now in the spreadsheet I mentioned, after the Legacalcio finalised their schedule. The leagues included are the top 5 in England, and the top 5 in Europe - i.e. nine. 

The spreadsheet is a no-frills effort, with plenty of changes to fixtures ahead, but it's a decent starting point. Everyone has their personal preferences and needs, but in my experience entering the fixtures in the first place is the time consuming part.

As mentioned previously, if any FTL members or Cassini Service subscribers want a free copy, drop me a line. Some of you already have, and you should have received it this morning.  

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Lay Away said...

A huge thanks for sharing this mate, very much appreciated, will save me a heap of time :-)