Saturday, 2 August 2014

Bounty Hunting

The good news for the 2014-15 FTL continues, with Skeeve becoming the latest to step up to the plate and offer a bounty, matching the offer of The Football Analyst and Football Investor. Another service willing to put their selections up against all-comers. For anyone new, the bounty is £25 for finishing ahead of any or all of these three, up to a maximum of £500 (which is 20 entries, and we don't have that many yet!).

It's unfortunate that Croatia is not a league covered by the Football Data web site because Skeeve's Croatian Football Bets not only finished in profit last season (94 bets, 56 wins, +18.36 points, 19.5% ROI), but have started this one in fine form too:

Not only is Skeeve generously adding to the bounty, but he is offering a special deal for Green All Over readers and offering the discount price - €400 (reduced from €500) for the full season, or €280 (reduced from €350) for the August-December period.

The FTL is taking shape. As of this morning we have 14 entries, listed below in alphabetical order with the current prize money assuming every entry in profit by the same amount. It won't end that way!
Plus there is £25 for finishing ahead of Football Investor, another £25 for finishing ahead of The Football Analyst highest placed entry, and now yet another £25 for finishing ahead Skeeve, although only one entry managed that last season.

For anyone who understands the importance of value, i.e. every reader of this blog, this is a great opportunity.

Pay just £52.50 to enter, have a full season of entertainment, and possibly walk away with over £1,000. Beat two of the Bounty Boys, and you basically get your money back even if you make a loss.

If anyone wants to change their entry name, or even the colour scheme for it, let me know, and if you are interested in joining, check out the rules here and sign up. The season for many of us is less than a week away.


CSE said...

Hi Cassini, are in play match selections allowed for the FTL or it is strictly pre-match selections?

Cassini said...

No - all selections need to be pre-match. In-play would be problematic on prices, bet times and tracking to name but a few problems!