Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Work : Labour, Toil, Slog, Drudgery, Goofing Off

A number of entrants were in action last night. Leader Fairfranco wrote that he only had the two selections as he was on holiday from work, and so “not had a chance to go through all the games”. I’ll let you go back and read that quote again. Notice anything strange about that comment?

It goes without saying that I shall be forwarding a copy of his email to his boss, (FTL Rule 27 Section 3 Sub-Section C gives me this right) who will no doubt be interested to know how his employee is engaged while at ‘work’, and having sought advice from Johnny “Fartpants” Grossmark, I have set up a meeting with the police at my house as they say this clearly is a criminal matter, not a civil case. 

For those of you wondering whatever happened with my own legal troubles, (I was accused of writing a blog post, some of you may remember), I have to tell you that I have yet to hear anything from the police about my heinous crime. Evidence collection may still be in progress of course, or another possibility which just occurred to me is that perhaps little Johnny is a bit of a fibber.

Anyway, as it turned out, Fairfranco might be wishing he’d taken a holiday from the FTL as well as his “work”, (notice the rather amusing use of quote marks there), because both selections (Peterborough United and Crawley Town v Bradford City Draw) were losers. He is still in profit, but his share of the prize money has dropped.

BettingTools Brian was the big winner. He had five 'bonus' selections with three winners and a profit of 5.68 points to catapult himself into first place. His big winners were Charlton Athletic and Huddersfield Town, with Middlesbrough chipping in a little too.
Online Trader had one winner and two losses, but lost 0.84 points and now drops out of the green.

@ValueBankFooty made his debut with 16 selections and a treble. As the treble was comprised of three of the single selections, and the rules require that a selection only be included once, the treble took priority but Reading let the multiple down. The other two legs, Mansfield and Burton were both winners, so a little unlucky there.

Club Havana had four selections of which two won for a 1.06 point profit of and Tony Watson also had four selections with just the one winner (Burton) and a loss of 2.29 points.

Talkies Tips had five Under / Over bets and won two of them for a small loss of 0.77 points, while Abromo had four selections, two winners, but a loss of 1.38 points.

Peter Nordsted’s Drawmaster found two winners from five selections and gained 1.75 points

And for anyone thinking “I could do better than this bunch of sorry losers”, the bad news is that the FTL is now up to 31 entrants, so just one slot remains.

Fairfranco - please forward me your boss's email address. Thanks, and thanks to Lay Away for pointing out that the link to Skeeve's blog in yesterday's post wasn't working. The error has been corrected. 

I also had a request to add My Bet Plan to the blog roll, which I have done. It's only been around for a few weeks and looks like a poor man's Daily 25 - mind you, compared to Steve at Daily 25, most of us are poor men. It'll be interesting to see how they (Paul and Nath) progress.

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fairfranco said...

haha, this made me chuckle.

In my defence my time off work was spent at a campsite and not near a computer apart from the half hour I popped home at one point.

I can successfully carry on with trades on cricket from my phone but going through spreadsheets and websites on my phone at slow speed on 1 tiny screen rather than 2 decent ones isn't really feasible!

Never fear, i'm now back to "work" and will ensure that I make the most of computer and screens!