Friday, 8 August 2014

The Artful Dodger And FTL Update

The FTL entries are up to 23 now, so just 9 spots remaining, and a reminder to anyone entered that entries for the weekend (tonight through Monday) need to be in by midnight tonight.

The roll call to date, in alphabetical order, is shown below.

Some new names as well as some familiar names. It should be an interesting season, and the total prize money, League, Erskine Cup and Monthly prizes, is now at £1,550.

Only one entry so far for this weekend other then the XX Draws, but I am expecting a few more to come in during the day with the Football League and Conference kicking off this weekend, and the table will start to take shape.

Right now, Fairfranco is pocketing £1,290 as the only entry in profit! (This excludes the Erskine Cup and seven of the eight monthly prizes, in case you were wondering why the numbers didn't add up).

We have some good names too - Mountain Mouse was amusing, and as Geoff himself said, Fulltimebettingblog took several hours to come up with as a name.

Finally, not sports investment related, but Rubicon, aka Scott, sent me a link to an article in The Daily Telegraph on the fare dodging Fund Manager Jonathan Burrows and "collective madness" in the City, which I enjoyed reading.


Marty said...

thanks for the pointer to the story - v interesting.

Kind of brings to mind another matter - I was considering entering the FTL just to attempt to arbitrage / 'game it', but didn't want to ruin what is clearly a fun competition for all entrants.

Am I right? Or would you welcome a devious entrant?

Cassini said...

Marty - Anyone is welcome, even deviants.

With the large cash prizes at stake this season, it's about wits and skill as well as being a season's worth of fun.