Friday 12 December 2014

Erskine Cup Drama

The November 29th weekend was not only the final round of the November monthly prize, but also the final round of Erskine Cup group matches, and thus a lot riding on the games.

The monthly prize was won by a mile by Fairfranco whose profit of 28.21 points was almost twice that of the nearest rival Gecko, who made 14.57 points. Fairfranco is absolutely dominating the FTL leading by almost 31 points. Here are the entries up by 10 points or more:

The remaining entries in profit are:
The entries in the red are:
Overall, it was a tough weekend, with entries overall dropping 18.90 points. I blame the Erskine Cup. The three weekend's when theses matches have taken place have netted a total loss of 41.69 points.

The top two from each group advance to the knock-out stage, and Group A ended thus:
The deciding match was between Sjosta and Mortimer, and despite making no selections, Mortimer advanced as Sjosta had a losing round. This was by far the weakest group with an average league placing of 28.25, and the two advancers are currently 29th and 25th.
Talkies Tips won Group B on points difference and faces Mortimer in the round of 16. With the top two in 24th and 23rd places in the league, the four teams so far through are rather a surprise.

Football Elite easily won Group C, with the improving Online Trader taking second spot:
Based on average league placing, Group D was the toughest, and 17th placed Abromo beat three higher placed entries to win, with XX Unders joining him in the next round.
Group E had three Draw specialists and was won by Drawmaster, accompanied by the only non-draw entrant TFA_Raz. Every entry here ended up in the red. 
Group F went to form, with Club Havana qualifying ahead of Randolph. 
Group G followed suit, with Golden Boy Fairfranco winning the group at a stroll of course, followed by Gecko:
Mountain Mouse was a little unlucky making a profit in all three rounds, yet being eliminated, aswas Rubicon who ended up on points. The luck of the Cup.

Finally Group H which saw Betcast advance followed by Jamie A.
The Round of 16 will take place on the weekend of January 31st (Jan 30th to Feb 2nd) and the matchups will be:
I'll update the FTL midweek results for December 2nd thru 4th shortly. Please let me know ASAP if there are any errors and note that the above is all conditional on my not having made any major errors. Catching up these numbers is a lot more work than I had envisaged!

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fairfranco said...

I'll be happy if my end of season P/L is that high.

Not looking forward to seeing my update as of now as my December has been pretty poor so far.