Thursday 25 December 2014

Minute Detail

Betslayer was up late waiting for Santa, and penned another comment:

Excellent work and as usual you jump to many conclusions without actually covering the key points. 
The key point is that using goal times across teams / leagues / seasons is a waste of time. Covered. If you or anyone else can explain why it could ever be otherwise, I'd love to hear the rationale. 
Do you actually know how I use goal time data? No, so how can you jump to conclusions. 
The point is that the data is useless for reasons clearly explained, so how it is used becomes a moot point. But thanks for answering your own question. Very constructive. 
Plus you skirt around the fact any data you use is not clean, I know for a fact football data has a large number (not in reality, across all leagues) but still into 00's of incorrect scores and HT/FT's. 
I don't use HT/FT scores from Football Data, but if you let them know - link below - I'm sure they will correct any errors. [Contact if you believe there are any errors in the data files].
As for me talking to myself, going off that rant you make a living at it. At least I get my 5 mins of fame hey :)
The hit count suggests I have plenty of company, and blogging is very much an unpaid hobby. 

Finally, not to be a smarty pants on Xmas Day, but the expression is 15 minutes of fame - one might have expect someone so obsessed with minutes to have known that, especially since the exact number is so important to you! 

Merry Xmas.

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Betslayer said...

Glad to see my minute joke passed you by ...Merry Christmas Cassini.