Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Rubicon Reigns

December is in the books, and the monthly winner is Rubicon who held off a late challenge from TFA_Raz who ended the month in second place. The "in-profit" for the month were:

Rubicon is the fourth different winner of the monthly prize, and if Scott would let me know whether to make the payment now, or hold until the end of the season, I will proceed accordingly.

As for the league proper, here are the "up by 10+" group:
Leader Fairfranco lost one point, which combined with Jamie A's profitable last round, means his lead  is trimmed to a still considerable 17.22 points. Trend to end was idle, and slipped one place, and also idle were Randolph, Club Havana and Bundeslayga (for the simple reason there are no games for a while!). The only other member of this club in profit last weekend was Fulltimebettingblog who owes a debt of gratitude to Burnley for their comeback at Manchester City. Small losses for Football Elite and Gecko, and on to the group within 10 points of the starting position:
The big movers were Drawmaster, and TFA Draws. I mentioned the lack of draws on Boxing Day, and while they were back on Sunday, Drawmaster and TFA Draws still took a big hit. The winners were Mountain Mouse bouncing back after a poor couple of weeks, followed by TFA_Raz and XX Draws who benefited by having only one selection on Boxing Day, but five on Sunday. Online Trader and December winner Rubicon also made profits, while OverGoalify, Draw Picks and the XX Unders took small losses. 19 of the 33 still in profit as 2014 comes to an end, which is a lot higher than I was expecting. It's worth mentioning again that the prices used mean that these numbers are very much the bottom line and are more for comparison purposes rather than as a realistic measure of achievable returns which would be higher.

The final group, those down by 10 points or more is:
Two profitable entries here, @ValueBankFooty followed by Cassini Value Selections. Five entrants were idle, and just Sjosta making a loss, albeit a small one, and no changes in position in the bottom third of the table.

The net total for the round was a loss of 2.83 points, but December as a whole was up 8.76 points. 48.98 points from 5,156 selections for an ROI of 0.95%.

The Bounty Boys have combined liabilities of £1,450 - Football Elite £125, The Football Analyst £400, Skeeve £425 and Football Investor capped at £500. It should be noted that Skeeve has so far only joined us for a warm-up lap, and is right now revving his engines and warming his tyres as he awaits his personal starting lights to turn green at midnight on New Year's Eve.

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