Saturday 3 September 2016

Baseball Into Profit

It's been one of the more interesting weeks for the blog, and if at the end of it, you still think that growing a bankroll by 10% a week is a sensible goal, or that retiring in exactly 136 weeks is realistic, or that backing horse racing long-shots is going to give you an edge, I wish you good luck with that.

If you think that misleading gullible people is acceptable, I would urge you to reconsider, but I call it as I see it, and my track record speaks for itself.

If you believe the author is genuine, the CEO "of a multi-billion dollar global organization" with an amazing track record, and really is just simply clueless about sports betting, but you are enjoying watching the train wreck, you should probably get out more.
Meanwhile, in the real world, where profits are eked out and bankrolls grow in small increments, August has come to an end. The summer months of July and August rank 10th and 11th (ahead of April) in terms of profits for me, so I'm usually pleased to see September arrive.

With just a month (plus a couple of days) of the regular MLB season remaining, here are how some of the baseball systems fared last month.

The Rhenium+ System (the new name for the red-hot shorties system) had a 100% record in August (as it did in July) making 1.30 points from four selections:
It also started the new month off with another win for the Indians last night - the line was -320 (1.31) but 1.37 was available on Betfair.
The T-Bone System had 22 winners from 33 selections last month, and an official profit of 4.51 points.

Here's my full official baseball results for the month, not all have been discussed on this blog because as a wise man once said, "an edge shared is an edge halved".
Although actual returns are higher than the official lines and prices recorded, the record does show that the reality is that returns are not glamorous at all, but 1.48% a month is real - 10% a week is not!

I haven't been able to bring myself to update the football numbers for August yet, (the Bundeslyga numbers will not be pleasant reading), but I will get round to it this weekend while proper football takes a break.

American Football is back, the College version has already started, the NFL is next weekend, and Rugby Union's Aviva Premiership started last night with Leicester winning at Gloucester in the final minute (after being down by 24 points). Joey will be pleased.

The other game of the evening was also a nail-biter with Sale missing a last minute penalty to lose by two points at Newcastle.      

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James said...

A simple question beginner traders might ask themselves after reading that someone is a CEO of a "multi-billion dollar global organisation" is why bother?

Wikipedia defines a CEO as "the position of the most senior corporate officer, executive, or administrator in charge of managing an organization".

Now, if Big Pairs is the CEO of a multi-billion dollar organisation then that is going to put his salary well into six figures if not the millions. With bonuses and stock options added on top of that you have to ask why the flippity flip flop is he wasting his time with sports trading when he earns more in the blink of an eye?

Also, why does he think that walking out of such a lavish job and into sports trading would not result in a massive decrease in earnings?

Big Pairs just comes across as someone very young who hasn't thought through their imaginary lifestyle and who many have a screw loose. No wonder he has a nut job like Joey Bside sticking up for him. I wonder if they are related.

If such simple questions don't occur to people reading blogs like these then you are probably not going to get far as a trader. And I direct that at people like Mark Iverson who stand up for Big Pairs. Obviously, Mr Iverson is not as bright as he thinks he is.