Friday 30 September 2016


I'm not sure what happened with the last post, which appeared not once, not twice, but thrice as James drily observed:

That's confirmation bias for you, it has to be published thrice!
Thrice is a useful word in my humble opinion, and only in English do you have the situation where 'once' is considered better than 'one time', 'twice' and 'two times' are considered about equally acceptable, and 'three times' recommended over the rather old-fashioned 'thrice'.  Call me (and James) old-fashioned then, (I've been called far worse), and interesting that there is no word for four (or more) times.

Perhaps the Blogger Boys decided that the tip to back Clinton pre-debate was so insightful that it was worthy of publishing the post three times? Or then again, perhaps it was merely a technical glitch.

Although it's been many years since the Betfair Forum has been informative, I do check in occasionally to see if there is anything of interest, but the Forum tab has recently gone missing, only to reappear hours later. It wouldn't be a huge loss to me if it went away permanently. Maybe ten years ago there were a few respected members whose opinions were informative, plus the the occasional nugget of an idea that could be improved upon, but overall it seems that an awful lot of people would rather spend hours posting than actually making any money.

The MLB regular season comes to an end this weekend. All the Division winners are set, but there are still some Wild Card places up for grabs.

The hot favourite system (Implied Probability 75%+) had its first loss since June 5th this month, but barring some bizarre results in the next couple of days, the reverse favourite-longshot bias so long present in baseball which vanished in 2012, continues to be absent, although the markets do show signs of correction this year.
With top football also headed into another break, next week could be a week of updates.

Finally, with the Ryder Cup starting today, here's a piece I wrote four years ago which may be of interest to some of you.

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