Wednesday, 26 July 2017

ATP Tour Results 2015 to Date

I finally got around to looking at the ATP tour results going back to 2015, and the results by round are here:

Nothing to see here for the most part, but the consistency of favourites in Grand Slam semi-finals doesn't carry over into the lower quality tour events, with this round generating the worst ROI of all.

Backing the underdog in these games is a loss maker too, down 6.13 points at Pinnacle's prices, although at best this strategy would show a 1.85 point gain. 

In theory, backing all favourites at the best prices would have won you 19.83 points, representing an ROI of 0.28%, but that's a miserable return given the time required to follow such a 'system'.

The full results are here:

One thing that does stand out, which you should all know by now anyway, is what a difference just a 0.01 difference in the price achieved makes over a large number of bets.

It reminds me of the huge difference in returns from investing in low cost index funds and higher cost managed funds. It's easy to ignore a 0.25% difference in fees per year, but over 30 or 40 years it adds up to a significant amount of money. 

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