Monday 24 July 2017

Men Slams Redux

A fair portion of my weekend was spent revisiting the Tennis Spreadsheet, removing matches where there was either a Walkover or a retirement prior to the completion of the first set. 

For the men in Grand Slam (Singles) events, my suggestion that:

if you're betting on Men, stick to the favourites in Australia and France, and take the rest of the year off
still holds. 

Since 2013, the outcome of backing the Pinnacle favourite at these ten events is:
More selective price shoppers could theoretically have increased their ROIs by up to 4.5% and 5.6% respectively. 

For most of us, placing ~125 bets per Slam would be a daunting task, but betting on semi-finals (favourite) and finals (underdog) only across all Grand Slams is much more rewarding in terms of ROI, up between 10.90 points to 12.60 points from the 57 matches since 2013.

Women up next, as time permits. 

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Unknown said...

Cassini your blog articles are top nothc without a doubt but im still very septic regarding this type of technical analysys maninly due to the fact that it seems to me very random and with technical analysys you will never now if the market adapted already in the current price.This is not a critic is just tryng to understand how to check these two limitations with technical analysys,i guess for samplesize you use p-ratio,but regarding knwoing if the market has already adjusted i dont have any idea.Thank you,all the best

Miguel Rodrigues