Monday 4 September 2017

Calling Paul - Loudly

It's still early days for the 2017-18 football season, but it's somewhat unusual that more away goals than home goals have so far been scored in La Liga, and that the totals are even in Serie A. 

Quite a contrast to Ligue 1 where the ratio of Home to Away goals is 1.69 : 1, the highest in a top league since 2001-02. 

The lowest, end of season ratio in recent years, is League Two's 2015-16 ratio of 1.067 : 1. 

The strategy of blindly backing Away teams in League Two and the National League is off to a poor start, -7.94 points, but in the National League, the value to date is in backing Draws +15.51 points (ROI 16.3%) from the 95 games played so far. 

Speaking of the National League, old friend Skeeve emailed me to point me in the direction of his latest post, which was inspired by this post from July

Shame on me for missing Skeeve's post while I was on holiday, but the shame Skeeve assigns to me for my flippant Barrow / star player comment is misplaced. 

I am the victim of pure chance, as Barrow were picked on purely because a fellow Crystal Palace fan and friend of mine has a somewhat weird second-team fetish for Barrow, and I like to tease.

For the record, I wrote that:

Knowing that a star player for Barrow (assuming they have one) slipped in the shower this morning, suffered a concussion and will miss tomorrow's game is useful. Installing hidden cameras in the bathrooms of non-league stars is not practical, or legal, but plenty of people have contacts who can provide information before it becomes public.
Skeeve replies:
"Assuming they have one"?! After all that Byron Harrison's been through with his ankle in the last seven months, jokes about him slipping in the shower and suffering concussion in addition to a recent surgery seem particularly cruel. Sorry Byron. As for Cassini, shame on you, mate. Shame on you.
I can't say that I had ever heard of Byron Harrison or his ankle issues until today, but I wish him well for his recovery from surgery, especially since he at one time played for one of my old clubs (Carshalton Athletic), albeit with a little more success than myself. 

I also wish no ill will to Barrow. I remember them as a League team, before the wheel came off, and they lost their place to Hereford United. Not many remember that the team were formerly known as Wheelbarrow AFC.  

Speaking of injuries, and this New York Mets injury update shows just how unlucky that team has been of late:
Skeeve also wrote to me that in other news:
...a guy named Paul got on my waiting list a few weeks ago and he mentioned that he's read about my service on your blog, but unfortunately, never got back to me when I sent him an invitation to join. And I was ready to donate to your retirement fund! :)
Well, that IS unfortunate!

Come on Paul! My retirement fund needs every penny I can get. I'm not getting any younger. Sign up now. Please. Don't make me beg.

In all seriousness, Skeeve's Award Winning service is the best out there, at least that I know of. Search this blog for previous references to him, but in brief his level of research and knowledge on this league is second to none, including the bookmakers, as evidenced by consistent profits dating back over 10 years.  

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