Sunday 21 October 2018

2018 World Series Set

The Los Angeles Dodgers won Game 7 of the NLCS last night in Milwaukee 5-1 to reach their second consecutive World Series. The 'official' closing line I use in my records will have the Dodgers as favourites (-112 / 1.893), but I was looking on Betfair shortly before first pitch and the Dodgers were as high as 2.08 before shortening again.

The World series starts on Tuesday and MLB, the TV companies, and anyone not living in, or from, the city Milwaukee, will be pleased at a Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers series.

The Red Sox have won six consecutive games as underdogs to get here, but are early favourites to win the series, although the 6.5% margin below can be easily beaten. 
The Red Sox have home-field advantage and cruised to the finals, winning a franchise record 108 regular season games, while the Dodgers need a tie-breaker to win their Division. 

The Red Sox won their play-off series easily too - 3-1 versus the New York Yankees and 4-1 against the Houston Astros, while the Dodgers needed seven games to win the NLCS. 

Over the course of the season, backing the Red Sox when underdogs would have returned 8.98 points from 33 matches, most of that total from road games. 
Despite what the official MLB Twitter account says, this is actually the second World Series between these two teams as they played each other in 1916 when the Dodgers were playing in Brooklyn and known as the Robins. Not many of us will be using those statistics in informing our betting decisions. 

The teams haven't met since August 2016.   

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