Thursday 4 July 2019

From Russia, With Overs

Fascinating, or at least mildly interesting, that this blog has become so popular in Russia of late. All-time, as might be expected, the UK and USA are miles ahead:

...but in the last week, hits from Russia are almost three times those from the UK.
The most popular post of the last month is A Tale of Two Podcasts in which the wisdom of Rufus Peabody is contrasted with the naiveté of Mel.

Rufus' comments led me to the book The Logic of Sports Betting by Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow, and an excellent read it is too, especially if you are interested in US Sports and markets. Plenty of thoughts on American Football, basketball and baseball, the latter of particular interest at the moment.

My post from May titled MLB Totals Simplified explained my thought process regarding the correlation between home teams winning and the effect on totals, and this idea is mentioned on page 164, although the impact of the different leagues, and thus rules, isn't discussed. 

For the record, the strategy for Overs has a 72.6% strike rate this season, and 68.4% since the post, so those of you who followed along are now at least a little closer to retirement.  

Mel, on the other hand, continues to have memory problems: 
Yes, "a full time trader" forgets he has another account he can use. That certainly seems credible and professional. 

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