Saturday, 2 July 2022

English Finals, Q2 22 and American League Hotties

Losses in the second quarter just ended set a new record, managing to beat the Covid panic losses of Q1 2020 by some margin, and this is also the first time that the first half of the year has been negative. 

Both the FTSE 100 and S&P 500 are down year-to-date, with the latter having it's worst start since 1970 when I was still singing treble and my income was half-a-crown pocket money a week, its purchasing power being slowly eroded by the 6.4% inflation rate at that time, a rate that is not too dissimilar to that of today.

Fortunately my income these days is slightly higher, and my voice slightly lower, so it's not all bad news. At some point in the future, hopefully soon, the markets will turn upwards again, and with the benefit of hindsight we will all look back and view the present time as a great buying opportunity. 

April actually started off rather well, with my all-time high set on the 20th of that month, but since then I'm down close to 9%

Sports investment profits have very little effect overall these days as I've mentioned before, but as this was primarily a betting blog, here are some numbers from June, although I was away for three-quarters of the month so the 'official' returns weren't close to my actual profits.

We had just the one football bet which was the National League Play-Off Final between Grimsby Town and Solihull Moors, with the Draw a winner at 3.58. Backing the Draw in English Finals in 2022 had an ROI of 86%, (impressive, but don't get too excited with such a small sample size), the full results for the season being:
A more meaningful ROI for this system is from the 138 finals since 2004 where the ROI is 8.5%.

Other than that it was just baseball, where the Hot Favourites made 5.15 units, an ROI of 2.7%, although again notably the National League selections generated a loss.
July, August and September (including a few October games) are usually good for this system, with that July 2016 loss something of an outlier.  

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Dr Tsouts said...

Have you calculated this years' records of RL instead of ML for Hot Favs?