Monday, 9 January 2023

NFL 2022 Small Road Dogs

The regular NFL season is over, and the Small Road 'Dogs System recorded its fifth consecutive profitable season with a 37-29-3 record, including four wins from five in the final round of matches. 

The Divisional System, which uses a slightly different definition of 'small', was also profitable for the fifth consecutive season, with a 23-20 record although had it used the same criteria for selections as the main system, the results would have been an improved 17-12 record. 

Sacred Manuscript subscribers who followed these systems will hopefully have made some money.

The NFL season continues next weekend with the Wild Card weekend and historically road 'dogs receiving fewer than 8.5 points are profitable in the playoffs, especially in the NFC. 

The New York Giants (at the Minnesota Vikings) and Baltimore Ravens (at the Cincinnati Bengals) currently sit within that point range. 

Two Road teams are actually small favourites next weekend, and historically teams in this situation have a 59% record ATS. 

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