Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Psychoff Cynic

Signor Cynical Cassini is back, and some of you have probably read the Psychoff blog from Turkey which is included on my blog roll. It is certainly popular with 143 followers – which is more than me, so the rest of this post you can credit to pure jealousy! I am Green All Over in fact.

Their claim to fame is that they made 100K USD in less than five months during the second half of 2009 on football, and their next challenge is 1 million USD by the end of 2011.

On the face of it, their results are outstanding, but details on how exactly they achieve these results are non-existent. They also seem able to make relatively huge amounts from games in eastern Europe, where the liquidity is relatively low.

I hear the maxim ‘if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is’ ringing out.

The inevitable comments along the lines of ‘tell me how it’s done’ are starting to appear:

Excellently done. How people do it, please tell me. :-))

i wonder if u can tell us(the readers) the strategy's that u use in making all this money...

and I wonder how long it will be before we see an invitation to share in the joy - for a small price of course.

All very puzzling, and made even more confusing by the apparent contradiction in the following two statements:

“Psychoff is now composed of two physicians interested in psychology and self-improvement”


“While this challenge goes on, I also have a personal and more difficult challenge regarding my weight. Although I make hundreds of mostly correct decisions at the keyboard and use my willpower to get what I want week after week, I find it difficult to understand why I find it so difficult to master what should be a much easier matter. I have promised my wife to do better and will be starting a personal challenge to lose weight and share the results with you although not with graphics.”

A physician interested in psychology and self-improvement with a weight problem? Really?

I’m also curious as to how using willpower gets you what you “want week after week.” Willpower doesn’t work so well for me when it comes to investing or weight loss - the markets typically ignore me and the scales seem to be driven by my net calories ingested less calories burned.

Anyway, it all seems a little too good to be true, but I must admit I would enjoy the reported profits.


Rob The Builder said...

I noted in my last post about my 10,000 hits. My only weapon to get there is my ability ( or lack of it ) to make the post interesting.

The Psycoff blog no doubt gets 50 times the hits mine does, but yet makes little attempt to be entertaining, it simply pastes in a P&L, often with the breakdown omitted. And the details, when shown, are often hard to fathom. The hit rate suggests trading favourites, which means use of a massive bank.

Maybe there are just lots of people out their who believe that an easy route to a fortune is just around the corner, and this blog ( along with Adam Heathcote's ) gives then inspiration. Just hope these people don't blow too much money before discovering that it's not that straightforward.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with your views, as someone whose tried alot of these c/s markets on lower profile games (let alone EE games), the idea that you can makes these amounts trading i/r is pretty far fetched. There does seem to be a hint of the long firm about some of these blogging tipsters but persuading the followers otherwise is futile.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me if they were using this to generate the Profit/Loss statements:


It would explain why they only show a snippet of the P/L, rather than the whole lot showing exactly which markets they were involved in...

Matt said...

I've become disilusioned with blogging of late due to these sorts of blogs. IMO, you either post your p/l and offer some advice or description of how you got those results, or you post no p/l at all and make interesting commentary etc. To do part of one and none of the other just looks like egotism or a set up.

I have no doubt the profits are acheiveable, and I'm reasonably convinced that they do indeed make the amounts they post. But they need more substance to go with the pretty pictures.

Aren't they betangel users? I think they use soccer mystic... but there's no chatter about how they use it etc.

If you aren't comfortable with posting HOW, but still continue posting, it will inevitably begin to look fishy.

JS said...

I do agree that the site looks headed for a sales pitch at some point in the near future, however I do not doubt the profitability levels reached. As some of you know already there are football traders that make much more than psychoff and have been doing so for years.

Steve said...

It appears the advice is now coming and surely it won;t be long before a subscription service becomes available.

I really try not to be sceptical about these blogs but it becomes hard not to be.

Bet Angel alwyas seems to be in there in the mix as well......hmmmm

Anonymous said...

There does seem to be a fundamental problem of why somebody who is incredibly successful would want to give even a hint of their secrets - you won't get far with a caring and sharing attitude to betting.

Jay Oliver said...

All this talk of Sales Pitches and now they've closed the blog down.

How long do we reckon it will be until there back with the Sales Pitch now!?


Anonymous said...

You single-handedly killed psychoff! I guess they can go away and "self improve" by themselves now. It was a pretty pointless blog, barely any useful or interesting information other than large profits.

Oops! ;-)

Lucky Strike said...

Hi there all,

I understand your doubts about the genuinity of Psychoff challenge.

Personally, I know this guy from a Turkish betting forum for more than 3 years. The sad truth( that he made more than 100.000 in half a year) is he did not even know a single word about BF trading-scalping till 2008. Then somebody in the forum opened up this subject and Dr.Guven ( Yes, his name is Guven and he really is a doctor ) invested in this after 6 months of discussion going on..

Many people in the forum tried some strategy and at the end Dr.Guven took all this information and he built up his way.

FYI, Betfair is illegal in Turkey and nobody can manage to use it.
He is located in Sweden, he got 7 different dishes to scan all the live football broadcasts all around the Europe + a Dreambox receiver to decode the encrypted channels.

As I am living in Hungary and I can watch the local games, I can honestly tell you that when you can follow the low leagues + eastern european games, even if the liquidity is low, there are couple of hundreds to make per game since nobody is Tevez, Rooney, Drogba , Henry or Messi to change the destiny of the game in 3 seconds...

The reason why he does not give any ideas about his methods is quite simple, there is a certain amount of sweet pie to eat, why would he create competitors?

For all that doubt about P&L screenshots, I have seen the screenshots about the markets when he posted to the forum about some of his unlucky losses, they are all true.

He got a brand new Audi Q7 for 40.000 euros in 2009 :)

I am trying to follow his way somehow since I think I got better football knowledge compared to him. But he had the edge with the capital and technology invested in this.

I hope I can manage,

GL to all.