Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Saints Prayers Answered

After my relative success in the Colts – Jets game yesterday, I stayed up full of confidence for the NFC game with the New Orleans Saints at home to the Minnesota Vikings.

The confidence was soon dashed as I made a few mistakes on this one.

First of all, I am not a Brett Favre fan. I think he is an attention seeking drama queen, turning on the tears when it suits, whereas his opponent Drew Brees is one of my favourite quarterbacks, and the complete opposite of Favre – someone with a little class. I know I let this affect my investing.

Secondly, I had the Saints as favourites by ?? points, and really couldn’t see them losing. Another mistake – sometimes you’re wrong. Deal with it.

Thirdly, I was tired, and that is never a good state to be in when trading. As with driving, tiredness or alcohol do not make for good partners when trading.

Anyway, in a close game that could easily have gone either way, the Saints did finally prevail in overtime after our friend Mr. Favre threw a game-losing interception on the Vikings’ final drive. Ha ha. That moment alone was almost worth the money I lost, almost, but not quite.

So one more real game left this NFL season, since one can’t count the Pro-Bowl next week as a serious investing opportunity, and my numbers have the Colts by ½ a point.

The Saints have topped my ratings for the past several weeks, but after yesterday’s performance, they have dropped below the Colts and I would have to say that I expect the line to be several points higher and the Colts to win by more than that ½ a point.

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