Monday, 18 January 2010

No Stopping Photo-Shopping

The topic of photo-shopping came up again last week. In the wake of Mali's comeback in Angola, someone was (somewhat bizarrely) claiming to be the unlucky loser on the wrong side of the 999-1 layed on Betfair. Nevermind that the real loser was from Sweden, and the big winners were from Moldova, Germany and Cyprus.

From the Irish Independent by Wayne Bailey on Saturday:

Earlier this week, a story did the rounds about a man who supposedly risked €4,400 to win €44 by backing Angola in-running on Betfair who were 4-0 up with 11 minutes to go. Their opponents Mali, however, fired in four goals late on and the match ended in a draw costing the man a small fortune.

When offered a few quid from one of the redtops for his story, the man admitted that he had 'photo-shopped' his profit and loss and the whole thing had been made up.

This guy's story may have been a fake, but similar tales of woe (and euphoria) happen for real every week on the exchanges and the in-running markets can be both a goldmine and a minefield all wrapped into one.
In other news, I see that Psychoff have today called time on their blog. Speaking of dead or dying blogs, does anyone out there know what became of John Tuohy, aka the Gambler?


Ben Aitken said...

The Gambler (John Tuohy) was one of the 1st betting blogs I actually started following. He did seem to have some massive swings in mood/confidence at times, maybe he just decided the gambler world was no longer for him?

Rob The Builder said...

Think that It was mentioned on the Sports Exchange site that John was involved in that he had been unwell.

I was amused that the final Psycoff post gave one reason for stopping the blog was that it was taking up an hour a day to produce. Yet often they simply posted a P&L shot. Unless of course they were using Photoshop....

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of another blog Adam Heathcote has!!

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Roberto,

I'm thinking of making a comeback :-)

Any chance you can put me back on your blogroll?

Many thanks


Anonymous said...

People do die Or is that too obvious?
Oh by the way this will be my last post cos i will be have a cardiac arrest in the morning at 11.46am! its sad but true! statistics are low but hey shit like that happens in real life!

Mark Iverson said...

Many thanks Roberto - cheers mate