Sunday, 24 January 2010

Footy Round Up - Sunday January.24

Some excellent results today, with the Elo ratings predicting 4 away wins out of the 4 FA Cup and Scottish Premier League games today. Three duly obliged, including the two that I had an investment on. Form in Cup games is too unreliable.

Football Elite had a stellar weekend, with both recommended bets winning, Mainz at 2.05 and Palermo at 2.45. 11-15-2 is their full record now since I signed up, down to a level stake, but not by much, and only two losers out of 29 selections at better than even money is value to me.

The short-list bets did almost as well this weekend - 5 selections, and four winners at good prices:

Borussia Dortmund 2.52 v Hamburg

Deportivo La Coruna 2.44 v Athletic Bilbao

Getafe 2.56 v Atletico Madrid

Internazionale 2.66 v AC Milan

Ironically, the sole loser was the shortest priced selection of all - Udinese, who lost 2-3 at 2.1 at home to Sampdoria (after leading 2-1).

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