Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Bari Shine

Not too much football action this week, but Football Elite did have a selection today which proved very profitable - Bari to beat Udinese at 2.26 which they did comfortably 2-0. A goal in the 5th minute is always handy. I had an additional investment to cover the draw since so few selections actually lose. Matt is very selective, and always gives a good justification for his picks.

On Monday my predictions had Partick Thistle favoured by 2 over Morton, and the price of 1.67 seemed excellent value. As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, the spreadsheet is predicting Scottish League results quite accurately, and there may be more value to be found in these leagues than in the English Premier League. Anyway, Partick won 1-0, and the above two matches are the only football investments I have had so far this week. Arsenal are predicted to beat Bolton Wanderers by 3 goals later today.

The tennis season is underway in Australia and I have been able to make a few quid fairly painlessly. Tennis in-play point by point doesn't work too well for me, but during changeovers it is possible to find value.

Finally, I see that there is a move to switch horse-racing prices from the traditional fractions to decimal, with mixed reaction from the public. I recall reading years ago that the reason for the 5/4, 11/8 and 100/30 etc prices, was a relic from the old days of 240 pennies to the pound. 11/8 for example was 11 half-crowns to a pound, and 100/30 was the return to a half-crown. Since most people these days have never even seen a half-crown, it probably is time to move on. Not sure that popularity in horse-racing will increase though. Like greyhound racing, it seems to be a dying sport with younger people finding other sports more exciting.


Bet-Bet-Win said...

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Laurie said...

re decimal odds - using Australian experience it became an exercise in bookies offerring less value esp at the high endeg no 33's but you see 30's. Next hop in the old was 50's but now you get 40's. Now you have 70's, 80's 90's i/l of 100's.
At the tight end $2.70 i/l 7/4 etc etc