Monday, 11 June 2018

Hoops, Skates and Rounders

A few weeks ago, I posted a riveting review of the NBA Regular Season from an investment perspective, and now the play-offs are complete with the Golden State Warriors sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers, winning back-to-back championships in the process. 

In my equally riveting post looking ahead at the Play-Offs, I had this to say back in April:

Hopefully some of you followed my advice, as road favourites had a 12-7 winning record, although none were as short as -6.5 so the second line of the above table remains unchanged. 
Another 4.42 points in the bank and the winning percentage climbs to 58.7% after six seasons.

The NHL's Stanley Cup has also wrapped up, with first time winners the Washington Capitals defeating the Vegas Golden Knights, who were playing in their inaugural season, in five games.

Here, the strategy was again to back road favourites, but with the qualifier suggested in this post, and for the fourth season in five since the shut-out, a decent profit (3.84 points) was made.
Sample size is small, so the ROIs can be ignored as meaningless, even if they are approaching those of Scientia Trading.

And now the focus is on baseball for the summer, although there is a football tournament going on in Russia I've heard. For investing, I'll stick to baseball, but I might watch an England game or two since there is no Italy this year.

Four winners from five T-Bone selections so far this month, including two yesterday, and a 9-3 record for the hotties which cool down after the All-Star Break, so make hay while we have a Premium Hand as Mel might say. Although that makes no sense at all for sports investing.   

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