Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Closing In On A Million

It's Premium Charge time again, and the portal for this week has me at 19.92%, (up from 19.82%, but still not over the magic 20% mark), and so I am hit again with the charge. That's ok though, next week I'll be at 20.02% with a little luck.

Lifetime Profile
Markets 110354

Gross PL £ 1,775,738.83

Commission Generated £ 372,946.88 +
Other Charges £ 74,758.99 +
Premium Charges (exc. last week) £ 917.78 =
Total Charges £ 448,623.65

Total Charges % 25.26

Unfortunately, that is not my account above, but it was interesting reading. Someone posted his account details on the forum, and while I have no reason to doubt their authenticity, it is always a possibility but the figures are in line with what would be expected.

Of course, when presented with numbers like those, one can't help but want to compare ones own figures. While the account above is significantly more active than mine, with over 110k markets entered, the average gross profit per market of £16.09, and net profit of £12.026 are not too dissimilar to mine.

Now I just need to find a way to get involved in a lot more markets and maintain the same average profit. The first part is a lot easier than the second, but if I can stay in the game for a total of 83,153 quality markets, (actually slightly less as my average profit is slightly higher), the first Betfair million will be in the bank! At about 50 markets a week, that'll be in about 27 more years. Hmmm. Not sure I can wait that long.

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Mark Iverson said...

Nevertheless, a gross Betfair profit of 400k is none to shabby :-)