Friday, 14 January 2011


Bayer Leverkusen appear to still be in hibernation mode, or at least their defence was for the opening two goals tonight, which put paid to the draw possibility. And it was all looking so good at half-time. My dreams of riches were soon shattered, unlike a Walter Mitty character on the Betfair forum who wrote this:

Here is what I can currently afford to buy on my quest to buy my dream home in Florida.

Start Bank: $198 Current bank:$286,31
Projected Date for buying my dream home: Nov 23, 2011

My goal is to build up a large enough bank to buy a home in Florida. I was there a few years ago, and it is a very nice climate (generally) and was thinking that it would be a nice thing to buy with my betting bank. It should also be said that it is a very good time to be buying real-estate, now and for the next few years, but the window of opportunity will close again. Anyway, it is my goal.My dream. My ambition. I believe that everyone should have some sort of tangible goal to work towards. Particularly something with a date and a time to achieve it by. So, I need to accumulate enough money to buy a house within 12-24 months, but I want to start with a small bank - $200-$300. I'll need to have a small edge and compound the profits ruthlessly and consistently for quite a period of time.

I've been working it out mathematically, and I believe it actually has a good chance of succeeding. It is really a question of sticking to it day after day with iron discipline and doing nothing else.

I will post my results as I go and I will discuss my system and model, staking, etc. as I go. I will also calculate mathematically the date of buying my dream home in Florida. On that date, I will publish the whole system, complete results help others to achieve their own goals and ambitions.
Well, don't hold your breath. The guy has been on Betfair for close to six years, and a bank of $198 hardly augurs well for his dream to come true. While there's nothing wrong with having a dream, keeping it real might be a consideration.


Sports Punter said...

LOL, shatter a bloke's dreams in one easy swoop. If only we could all be like you Cassini.

What's wrong with having a dream? What's yours?

mouldhouse said...

I can understand the skepticism. Turn $200 into enough to buy a property, then move somewhere where exchange betting currently isn't legal, and give the system away for all and sundry? I try to be as positive and altrustic as possible, but that is outside the realms of believeability.

Diagnosis: He just wants a bit of attention. But on the BF forum, he's in the right place is he not?

geoffm said...

He was doing ok until he states "I've been working it out mathematically, and I believe it actually has a good chance of succeeding.!

Of course it has mate and if it was that ewasy everyone would be buying big houses.

Good point about the BF forum- inhabited by (in the main) utter knobs who hide behind leyboards to make snidy comments and contribute very little.

I am working towards buying the house in the picture above although I'm not sure even that is attainable for me...!