Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saints Go Marching Out

With no Premier League games today, I assumed that there would be no selections for Peter Nordsted's Drawmaster system, but I was wrong. Rather oddly, he dipped into League Two for his picks, and probably wishes he hadn't. None of the three picks of Crewe Alexandra v Wycombe Wanderers, Southend United v Chesterfield and Stockport County v Gillingham finished drawn, and two of the three were decided by three goals or more - 3-0 and 1-5. Even if all three had been draws, I would still question the decision to force three selections for this system rather than just wait for a week. Anyway, the result is that having had just two blank weeks in the first eighteen of the season, the system has now come up empty three weeks in a row.

Also drawing a blank today were Football Elite, who had Real Sociedad at 3.0 to beat Sevilla. They led 2-1 at half-time, but lost 2-3.

The first NFL Wildcard play-off game is currently in progress, and the 1.22 Saints price I suggested was too short drifted out to 10.0, and I am 'green all over' after the early signs were for a straight run to 1.01 for the Saints. American Football games are seldom decided in the first quarter though, and while it's easy to panic when it seems all is lost, keeping a clear head and making rational decisions is the way to go, and it's a lot easier to do when your stake is 'sensible' and you can see the big picture.

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The Cautious Football Trader said...


The draw master bets dipped in to league 2 twice earlier this season and turned up a small profit each time they did.

Hopefully they will turn around next weekend and the profit will return.