Sunday 24 July 2011

Japanese Football

Liquidity on BETDAQ appears to be significantly improved for the more major of matches - certainly the Rangers v Hearts match yesterday was promising as reported in this thread on the Betfair Forum. Good news all round you might think, but one poster, presumably a Betfair employee or an individual who needs to get out more, posted in reference to BETDAQ that
"2 Japanese footy matches aren't even actively managed in play for a start!"
Really Well, there's a great reason to stay with Betfair then. Of course, the commenter Rs1 has only been a member since 2008, and unless he has some in depth specialist knowledge of in-play Japanese football, is unlikely to be troubled by the Premium Charge, either new or old. But Betfair and BETDAQ, are not mutually exclusive. If the market you need isn't available on one site, use the other, but if there is sufficient liquidity for you on a site where you are paying 2% commission, why would anyone choose to play where their commission would exceed 40% or put you one step closer to that level?

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