Wednesday 13 July 2011

Losing Focus

It's always a quiet time of year, but with less than five days to go to 18/7, a date which will live in infamy, - at least on my spreadsheet - an increasing possibility that the NBA season 2011-12 will be lost, a lockout continuing in the NFL, the All-Star game in baseball meaning no games there for a few days, and unfortunate losses in the Copa America, it's probably fair to say my enthusiasm for trading is at its lowest ebb since my balance hit £21.40 back in 2005 and I was a bet or two away from packing the whole exchange betting thing on the head. But I bounced back then, and I will do so again, and speaking of 'Bounce', on the recommendation of Peter Webb, I went out and bought a copy, and so far, it's a good read. 

My son ploughed through it in a day, but his Dad has work to do so it'll take him a little longer, but the essential message so far appears to be that talent is not 'God given' or encoded in DNA, but the result of putting in hours and hours of practice - with 10,000 hours being the necessary total for excellence. Let's see - an average of 4 hours a day on Betfair for 7 years... 10,220. 

Allowing for holidays, that's pretty close. My enthusiasm is restored. I am an expert. Well, perhaps if I regain my discipline and stop lumping four figure bets on Copa America matches that I have no edge in. Unlike the Women's World Cup where I have the advantage of being married to an American and I am reliably informed that 2.08 is value. Or maybe Mrs. Cassini's heart is speaking since I'm not sure she knows what 2.08 really means.

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Average Guy said...

Is it possible your wife knows more than you do ? Is she the real power behind Cassini ?

USA 2.08 - not too shabby