Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Choppy Waters

Although there were more winners (13) than losers (12) this weekend, we saw a record total loss of 33.09 points in the FTL and it's fair to say that this was a rather brutal round for the losing entrants. The average profitable entry was up 2.35 points while the average negative entry lost 5.30 points.

Looking at the positives first, the big winner in terms of points was TFA_Raz who made 5.93 points and leads the January monthly competition, while in terms of places, the big winner was XX Unders who moved up five places.

On the less positive side, the big loser both in terms of points and places was Football Elite losing 14.19 points and dropping nine places, and being a Bounty Boy, those lost places hurt. Gecko wasn't far behind, dropping 11.43 points and falling eight places, while leader Fairfranco continued his poor run with an 0 for 8 weekend which obviously resulted in a loss of another 8.00 points. Fairfranco retains his lead, but it is now by a rather more slender 1.35 points rather than the 29.23 lead enjoyed in early December. Any bookmakers paying out on Fairfranco at that time are now looking rather silly as it is still everything to play for.

Here are the top ten and "up by ten" entries:

Trend to end, Randolph and Club Havana were all idle, perhaps content with their points haul as it stands, while Bundeslayga was idle due to no matches. As it happened, all moved up by two or three places.

The middle order of the table looks like this:
BettingTools.co.uk and TFA Draws both edged into the green, bringing the total entries in plus territory to 21. Skeeve made a small profit, but dropped by a place.

As for the "down by ten" group, we have:
Three entries were idle, and Sjosta was the only climber moving up one place while Mortimer and Cassini Value both dropped down one place. 

With Football Elite's disaster, it's not surprising that the Bounty Boys Portfolio lost money. The Draw Portfolio also suffered a small loss, despite both TFA Draw entries showing a profit. Drawmaster also was up slightly but Draw Picks and XX Draws both dropped a few points. 
As for the January winner, it's looking like TFA_Raz's to lose - here are the entries in profit for this month:

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