Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Free Fall

The handful of entrants who bothered with the meagre offerings thrown up by the league schedule this week will all be wishing they hadn't. All lost points, and the seventeen selections produced fifteen losses, one void, and one winner. In points terms Talkies Tips lost five, Mortimer lost four, and Mountain Mouse lost two, and Football Elite lost a modest 0.5 points. 13.5 points down on the round. With no changes at the top or bottom, the updated portion of the table is here:

The overall profit for the season across all entries is now down to 4.89 points. With Football Elite dropping a place, the Bounty Boys liabilities climb to £1,275. Mountain Mouse went from green to red, leaving a score of entries still in profit.
This weekend's Erskine Cup matches, with league standings, are updated below:

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