Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Snakes And Ladders In The FTL 12.Jan

A couple of big priced winners, notably Bastia’s 4:2 win versus Paris St Germain, and Cordoba's win last night, meant that overall the Friendly Tipsters made an 8.40 point profit. Speaking of Paris St Germain, is it just me who finds them a little short at 1.48 for the title, given that they are currently in fourth place, and that they still have to play away to every other top eight team? 

Anyway, back to the more exciting FTL, and in terms of both points and positions, the big winner of the round was TFA_Raz (+8.20 points and +5 places) while the biggest losers were current leader Fairfranco who lost 4.99 points, while BettingTools.co.uk and TFA Draws both dropped three places. 19 of the 33 entries remain in profit.

Jamie A slipped from second to fourth place, while Football Elite moved up one place into second spot and sits 13.44 points behind the leader.

Others in the ‘up by 10+ points’ group:
The mid-table group saw OverGoalify move into profit, while TFA Draws and BettingTools.co.uk both dropped into negative territory. The big winners were Mortimer (+6.15) and Football Investor (+5.57).

Abromo made his first appearance in over a month, but lost ground with a 1.78 point loss. 
The only winner in the last seven placed entrants was TFA Euro Draws who recovered 3.55 points but stays in 32nd place. 
The Bounty Boys portfolio increased their totals by 2.81 points to 33.07, while their current total liability is £1,250 - Football Elite £25, Football Investor £325, Skeeve £400 and TFA Draws £500.
Nine entrants were idle this round, and to answer the question posed by Marty in response to my post on the knock-out stages of the Erskine Cup:
How are winners decided in the event of a tie?
The answer is that in the event of a draw, the match will be replayed over the next midweek or weekend rounds. In the event that the next knock-out round is imminent and we still have no winner, it will be the best qualifier from the group stage who will advance (based first on points, then by ‘goal’ difference as necessary). As a reminder, here are the eight match-ups with current league standings:

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