Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Doctor's Orders

I promised a baseball update, and that is below, but first another compliment, this one from Norway and Dr. Sportello, possibly not his real name, who wrote:

I sincerely hope you won't be hanging up your boots any time soon, as I've only just stumbled upon your blog. Terrific stuff. I've even managed to squeeze some money out of the T-Bone run-lines since then. My only sorrow is that the amount of interesting writing on this blog probably exceeds my brain's ability to absorb information.
Greetings from Norway, and have a pleasant week.
I actually write this blog with my fingers rather than feet, but I have no intention of hanging up boots, gloves, coats, hats or anything else, at least not any time soon. At least not permanently. I do have a business trip coming up next week, followed almost immediately with a trip to see my second 'once-in-a-lifetime' total eclipse on August 21st, so my fingers will be rested for about two weeks.

I also made it to the total eclipse of August 1999 in Cornwall which was a great experience, and this one should be even better as Falmouth was unfortunately a little cloudy.  

The comment is much appreciated, and it's good to hear that some people take on board some of the ideas I share.  

How much easier it is to post a baseball update when you hear that someone else has been able to make some money from suggestions published here.

Since Dr. Sportello mentions the T-Bone System, we'll start there. 

At the last update the trend of former seasons was continuing nicely for both the Straight Up / Money Line bets and the Run Line:
Seven of the subsequent nine bets all won Straight Up, and five of nine on the Run Line taking the profits now to:
Last night's qualifier was the Chicago Cubs, and while not included in the numbers above, they were a winner on both lines after beating the San Francisco Giants 5:3.

The Rhenium System  (75% or greater Implied Probability) is currently up 2.45 points from 12 selections, on track to beat last season's 2.58 points from 21 selections.
Favourites with an IP greater than 0.667 are also having a very good season:
And for anyone following the Home Improvement System:
Only the Mountain High System is letting the side down, yet again, with its worst performance since time began - well, 2010.  

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